Book Presentations

Isaac YomtoScreen Shot 2015-11-08 at 12.34.07 PMvian travels both nationally and internationally to discuss many of the issues brought up in his book. From synagogues to churches, colleges to book clubs, he is passionate about sharing his beloved country with people of all ages and backgrounds. He is committed to educating this generation about Iran, its history, its potential future, its mysteries and its myths. From the history of the Persian Empire to the present day Nuclear Islamic Republic, he has spoken on a myriad of topics. Here are a few images from various book presentations.

Isaac Yomtovian hosts a full day seminar on Jewish- Iranian Culture and Cooking at the Jewish Community Center of North Virginia 

n v

North Virginia Community Center, 2014

Isaac Yomtovian discusses living in and leaving Iran at B’nai Israel Synagogue

Michigan, 2014

Michigan, 2014

Isaac Yomtovian speaks about his childhood and memories as a Jew growing up in Iran at B’nai Jeshurun Congregation

Bnai Jeshurun Cleveland 2014

B’nai Jeshurun Cleveland 2014

Isaac Yomtovian discusses Nuclear Technology in Iran to over 200 people at Park Synagogue

Isaac Yomtovian discussing nuclear technology in Iran.

Park Synagogue, Cleveland 2013

Isaac Yomtovian is invited to participate at the Jewish Book Council in New York 

New York City 2013

New York City 2013

Isaac Yomtovian organizes a three day lecture with Dr. Manoochehr
Meshginpoosh and Dr. Farshid Afsarifard on the culture of Iran at Case Western Reserve University 

Cleveland 2013

Cleveland 2013

Isaac Yomtovian presents the basic principles and beliefs of the Shieh Islamic Republic of Iran and its impact on the Iranian population, the Jews and other minorities, the region, Middle East and Israel and the USA and the West at the Mandel JCC Festival of Books

Festival of Jewish Books in Cleveland, OH 2012

Festival of Jewish Books, Cleveland 2012

Isaac Yomtovian travels to the Village Shul in Hampstead, London to present his book as well as do a book signing. Here are the event details. 

The Village Shul, Hampstead 2012

The Village Shul, Hampstead, London 2012

Isaac Yomtovian presents his book and discusses Iranian politics at The Temple – Tifereth Israel 


The Temple – Tifereth Israel Cleveland 2012

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