First let me congratulate you on being a hell of a good writer.  Your style is very easy to read and totally get absorbed in.  Today I have a much different view of Iran than I had before I met you.   Somehow it is no longer a scary place for me.  I felt your discrimination and pain from that but at the same time the love and joy you had with your life there.  I believe you book should be titled the Man Whom never left Iran as it seems your heart is still there with all your memories good and bad. I enjoyed your book so much I told my Little niece who is studying Comparative Religions (she is Catholic) that she begged me for the book so I gave it to her.  Then when we arrived in LA I got into a discussion with my step daughter’s Japanese Boyfriend, and he wanted to read the book.  So I am ordering 2 more. Someday I may try some of your recipes but I will never see nuts and fruits without thinking of you and how delicious you made them sound.

Mary Ann Hanson – Founder and C.E.O of Hanson Services Inc. 

————————————————————————————————————————————————–This book brought back so many memories of my own experiences in Iran, Israel and America. Isaac Yomtovian’s detailed description makes it possible to imagine yourself at every scene. This book is educational, entertaining and thought provoking. I highly recommend this book not only to Jews, but for anyone that has any interest in knowing about the life of any Minority in Iran now or even before the revolution.

Jimmy Jamshid Delshad · Two times Mayor and Goodwill Ambassador of Beverly Hills
This book starts with a relationship between a father and his son, the tormented and tragic events as well as the joys and successes affecting their lives. The confusing and complex life in the multi-cultural and often unpleasant day to day life in Iran ultimately affects the family dynamic and loyalty to their ancestral land, resulting in the family “Leaving Iran” to Israel and America. The rich Persian history, culture, and beliefs as well as politics and economy are presented in a clear and simple manner. The poetic but simple writing of this book mixed with humor and facts keeps the reader alert and excited to the point of a rushing page-turner! I highly recommend this book to all those seeking to understand Persian inner culture and mind as well as those interested in the human story of a father and son.
Nisan Mashmoor Nuzonbaum, Education Director, Cyrus Foundation, CA.
Thank you so much for such a fascinating, engaging and informative talk, complete with history lessons and ​great storytelling.  Also, the food you prepared was out of this world, and everyone was raving about how delicious it was.  Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and felt that they had been part of something very special.  There were many, many requests to have you return to the JCCNV another time. I am most hopeful that will happen.
Sheila Buddoff, Adult Group Coordinator, JCCNV
Thank you very much for coming to B’nai Israel to offer your fascinating reflections on Iran, Persian culture, and your book.  People were deeply engaged and appreciative of your presence and teaching.Yasher koach on your efforts with your books, and continued good luck in building understanding of the above topics.
Rabbi Mark Robbins, B’nai Israel Synagogue
I would like to thank Isaac Yomtovian for his insightful beautifully written story combining history with perspective. Some people think our American culture of love, understanding and compassion is universal. You exposed a culture of hate and control. The key to survival is love and the ability to allow people to be empowered to fulfill their dreams. Your body might have been driven away from Iran but your heart is still there. The love that you have for humanity, kindness and the culture you were raised in is very much alive in you. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.
Jeffrey Pickholtz, CFP, Royal Alliance Associates 
 I just finished reading your book. I first off want to congratulate you for such a significant accomplishment. I thoroughly enjoyed it cover to cover. It solidified the verbal accounts and anecdotes I have heard from my parents, aunts/uncle and cousins. Your accounts and descriptions of Islamic culture and the antisemitism that is engrained, and apparently inseparable from it, are eye opening for a US born Persian Jew like myself. I am recommending it to all my friends and cousins who will certainly be enlightened by it as well.
 Isaac Yomtovian’s account of his childhood in Iran provides color and depth to a country that most of us only know through the headlines. His work is an important counter balance to the one dimensional perspective on Iran that most Americans hold.
Rabbi Truboff, Cedar Road Synagogue 
This book is a must-read for anyone interested in Iran. Isaac Yomtovian is a master story-teller who weaves humor and poetry into his factual accounts of life in Iran from his perspective. He gives us our first look at this country and its amazing cultural history, so little known. What an enjoyable yet frightening experience!
Dr. Mark Lewine, Professor of Anthropology, Sociology and Urban Studies, Cuyahoga Community College
 This book is a gem. It is a must-read for all who have an interest in a glimpse into the Persian mind through the eyes of a young Jewish boy coming of age in Iran. Through Yomtovian’s documented short stories, the reader will learn about the Persian Jewish and Muslim cultures, convictions and world view.
The vivid descriptions of the life in Iran took me back to my childhood experiences. Isaac brilliantly presents the colorful tapestry of the Iranian culture and its diversity. In reading this book the reader is faced with the ugliness of prejudice that is woven in the fabric of every culture and the beauty of love and peaceful coexistence of people from different social and religious backgrounds. This book is a must read for anyone who is interested in learning about the Iranian culture and its many facets. As a non-Jewish Iranian, I strongly recommend it for all religious and cultural groups.
Dr. Farshid Afsarifard, Forensic Psychologist
Eva Hirsh, Holocaust survivor (87), gives a testimonial about Yomtovian’s book.

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